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Type of Membership

Regular Membership
Associate Membership
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Purpose of Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows
  • To serve as the nucleus of the fair & show industry in Colorado
  • To preserve and strengthen the fair & show industry through its members
  • To provide assistance as needed to its members for the furtherance and benefit of its members
  • To preserve and promote all of the youth program of Colorado using the CAFS as its medium
  • To uphold the professional values of the fair & show industry and will strive to preserve the integrity of the fairs and shows in Colorado
  • To showcase entertainment and assist in obtaining social activities and talent for fairs and shows

Objectives of Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows

  • To promote and encourage agriculture, horticulture and the domestic arts through annual fairs of member organizations
  • To encourage and assist in the development and improvement of fairs and shows in Colorado
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation among its members and to exchange ideas on management and problems of general interest
  • To further interest in the material and educational development of agriculture and the fair industry in Colorado

Types of Membership

Fairs or Shows:
  • Regular Members are any Fair Board, Show, Exposition, CSU Extension, County ,Society, Committee, Individuals or Group producing
    a recognized event.


  • Associate Members are any business, support organization, agency, or individual not operating a fair or show but providing services and/or
  • products relating to the fairs and shows industry, or otherwise interested in fairs and shows.
  • Corporation, organization, or individuals providing services, entertainment, talent agencies, exhibits, concessions, equipment or supplies to the fair industry
  • Agricultural, horticulture, livestock and other associations who further the agriculture industry and community life through fairs
  • Annually scheduled events: talent acts, rodeos, horse shows, livestock shows, community celebrations, trade shows, that do not meet the membership definition of regular members.
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